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Help Better Oklahoma’s Roads and Bridges


Across the country, fuel tax revenues are declining due to increased fuel efficiency and decreased purchasing power for construction supplies. To maintain funding for roads and bridge maintenance and construction, Oklahoma is one of many states proactively exploring a pay-per-mile program that could replace the current fuel tax model. This process was mandated by the state legislature passing HB 1712 in 2021.


Oklahomans have signed up to help solve this potential problem by participating in a state-wide pilot study. In this study, they continue driving as normal, test milage reporting technology, acknowledge sample invoices and share feedback about their experience.

Why Fair Miles


Addresses Funding Threat

Increasing fuel efficiency will decrease available fuel tax funds for Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure maintenance and innovation. Fair Miles seeks to explore alternative funding options to replace the state fuel tax.

Establishes Fair Funding Model

Pay-per-mile programs treat roads like utilities and only charge you for what you use. Pay-per-mile programs help eliminate inequitable pressure on populations within Oklahoma that pay a disproportionate amount of state fuel tax.


Addresses Road Conditions

Road conditions worsen if adequate funding isn’t available for ongoing maintenance. As Oklahoma’s projected decrease in fuel tax is realized, road conditions will be difficult to maintain. A pay-per-mile program will keep our roads and bridges safe and usable.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Contributing to the Solution

Registration began in February 2023 and more than 440 Oklahomans signed up to participate in the study. Pilot participants report monthly mileage and receive sample invoices through December 2023.

Participants were selected to maximize vehicle fuel type and geographic diversity.

If you are a participant, you can access your account, review documents, acknowledge invoices and troubleshoot using the button below.

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